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Automatic Water Level Control Valve

$29.98 USD $14.99 USD -50%
  • Save water, but leave the job to this automatic valve to avoid water wastage!

  • ✅ AUTOMIZED SMART WATER LEVEL-SENSING TECH - This automatic water control valve leverages the smart water-level-sensing technology! Once the sensor senses that the container is full, it turns off the water flow immediately!

  •  ECO-FRIENDLY ENERGY AND WATER SAVING SOLUTION! This valve operates with no electricity needed! Live greenly has never been more durable, easy and foolproof! 

    ✅ WIDE APPLICATION!  Use this valve to replace the traditional float ballcock and stay water-efficient for pools, water towers, tubs, sink, and even toilets! 

     CONTROL YOUR WATER DISPENSING WITH SMART VALVE! The valve body sinks to open the forerunner of the control valve for water dispensing! Once the valve floats in full water level, it stops water immediately! 

     EASY INSTALLATION! To install the valve, simply screw the valve tight at the taps for a no fuss, no tools easy setup! 

Main Features

    When the water in the water container is lower than the control valve water level control line, the inlet valve opens the water, and when the water level rises to the control valve water level control line, the inlet valve closes and stops the water supply.

Automatic Water Level Control Valve  Automatic Water Level Control Valve

    When the water quality is poorly cleaned, proper maintenance is required.
    Automatically supply and stop when water less or fullfill.
    High Temperature Resistance, Corrsion Resistance,UV Resistance.
    Beautiful appearance, small size, practical, simple installation

Usage Scenarios

  • This product is specially designed for the water level control of water storage tanks such as water towers and pools to prevent water towers from overflowing when tap water is supplied, and traditional float valve replacement products. Suitable for water tower pools, solar energy, hot water boilers, aquaculture, food machinery humidifiers, water heaters, livestock water and swimming pools, etc.


    • Reference value of water pressure: 0.2kg of minimum water pressure; Maximum water pressure is 10kg
    • The product shall be installed vertically on the horizontal surface
    • This product belongs to the level control valve. The float must be vertically downward when installed
    • First fix the inlet pipe on the horizontal surface, and then connect the valve to the inlet pipe.The main inlet pipe shall be suitable for the nominal diameter of the valve
    • When using, the globe valve before this valve shall be opened
    • If two valves are installed in the same pool, they should be kept on the same level.
    • Before installing and using this valve, be sure to clean the impurities in the pipe
    • There will be water leakage at the bottom when the inner product is used, which is a normal phenomenon.


    • PA66
    Product Size
    • 10×6×6CM
    Package Contents
    • Float Valve × 1


    • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.